The best SBCs(Single-Board Computers) to buy in 2022, including the popular one and powerful ones.

What is Single-Board Computers?

A single-board computer (SBC) is a complete computer built on a single circuit board, with microprocessor(s), memory, input/output (I/O) and other features required of a functional computer. Single-board computers are commonly made as demonstration or development systems, for educational systems, or for use as embedded computer controllers. Many types of home computers or portable computersintegrate all their functions onto a single printed circuit board.

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Single board computer

Why buy Single-Board Computers?

In general, you can use SBCs(Single-Board Computers) to try and do many things. Because it is a Server, but not just a Server.

Just like Raspberry Pi said in their Homepage:

“From industries large and small, to the kitchen table tinkerer , to the classroom coder, we make computing accessible and affordable for everybody

Here are some examples

  • NAS
  • High performence general propose Computer use
  • WebServer
  • Docker
  • IOT Deep Learning Device
  • Home-assistant

Single Board Computers

Raspberry Pi Model 4B

Best for Beginners

The speed and performance of the new Raspberry Pi 4 is a step up from earlier models.

(Photo Source: Raspberry Pi Model 4B)

Raspberry Pi had one of the biggest communities and it might be the most popular SBC in the World.

Radxa Zero(2)

Best for Someone want a little bit higher performance and in the small size

Low profile single board computer with a small form factor.

(Photo Source:Radxa Zero(2))

Just like I said before, this SBC(s) has the nice price, (high) performance and in the small size.

On the other hand, I believe that the Radxa need to build the system more stable. (Compare with the Raspberry Pi)

Anyway, I still highly recommends this SBC in 2022.


Your tiny, tiny $15 computer

(Photo Source: Raspberry-pi-zero-2-W)

The SOC(System On Chip) is designed by Raspberry Pi. And the only problem might be RAM is toooooo small. It’s really hard for me to actually open a broswer.

But, come on, it’s just a $15 computer and it’s looks so cool.

So, will we have the Type-C ports on Pi Zero 3W?


Still a nice choice

The NanoPi R2S(as “R2S”) is an open source platform with dual-Gbps Ethernet ports designed and developed by FriendlyElec for IoT applications.

(Photo Source:NanoPi_R2S)


Haven’t Release but look Good

ROCK5 is a series of Rockchip RK3588(s) based SBC(Single Board Computer) by Radxa. It can run Linux, Android, BSD and other distributions.

(Photo Source:Rock5/5b)

NVIDIA® Jetson™

SBC Designed for Edge AI Momentum


Many Porducts

(Photo Source:NVIDIA)

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