Updated May 29, 2022

Privacy is a fundamental human right.

This site attaches great importance to the protection of users’ privacy and personal information.

When you use the website, third parties may collect and use your relevant information. The privacy policy explains to you how to collect, use, save, share and transfer this information when you visit the website.

1. How do we collect and use your personal information

  • For now, we won’t collect any personal information.

  • Some Third Party API might collect your information

2. How to use Cookies and local LocalStorage

  • Cookies will be saved on your broswer , you can delate these data in your browser

  • Some Third Party API can use for identify person. You can also delate data in your broswer.


  • Q weather API : show weather in some articles

  • Third party plugins : improve our website experience

  • Third party Music or Video API : show music and video

  • NAT company : provide NAT service, could collect data

  • Busuanzi : Collects information about your visits

  • CDN : Collects information about your visits


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