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Hello, welcome to visit my Blog Website.

您好,欢迎访问我的 博客网站

What is the purpose of the website?


Well, for me the purpose of doing this site is to keep changing. My original idea was to record all kinds of information and problems on the internet so I can access information everywhere. Just like the Notion or Evernote. On the other hand, I don’t really want any third-party interposition, because they have all kinds of marketing pricing strategies and it feels not free. I want the structure of my website to be Open-Source.

好吧,对我来说,做这个网站的目的是不断变化。 我最初的想法是在网上记录各种信息和问题,这样我就可以随时随地访问信息。 就像概念或印象笔记一样。 另一方面,我也不太想要任何第三方介入,因为他们有各种各样的营销定价策略,而且感觉不免费。 我希望网站引擎是 开源的

After that, I tried to deploy some online notes projects that you can easily install on Docker and it worked. Then I easily thought, why not share these solutions and information with others so others can use that? Finally, I found Hexo, A fast, simple & powerful blog framework.


You can easily install that by type :

npm install hexo-cli -g

( Remember you need install Node.js before you start. )

Where do you deploy the website?

On a Single Board Computer. I know it may not be common to deploy a website on a single board computer. Compare with Vercel or Cloud Server, it is inconvenient, but this is so cool. And I do have several single-board computers at home.

Single Board Computer。我知道在单板机上部署网站可能不常见。与Vercel或云服务器相比,它不方便,但是这样很酷。而且我家里确实有几台单板机。

What is the plan for the future?


Continue to improve user experience .The user experience and the quality of the articles are probably the two most important parts of a blog site.


According to the answer from ChatGPT Dec 15 Version about 3 reasons why user experience is important for a personal blog:

根据 ChatGPT Dec 15 Version 关于用户体验对个人博客很重要的 3 个原因:

  • User experience can help create a positive first impression for your readers. If your blog is easy to navigate, visually appealing, and provides valuable content, it is more likely to leave a lasting positive impression on your readers.

    用户体验有助于为读者留下积极的第一印象。 如果您的博客易于浏览、具有视觉吸引力并提供有价值的内容,则更有可能给您的读者留下持久的积极印象。

  • User experience can help increase reader engagement. If your readers find your blog easy to use and enjoyable to read, they are more likely to spend more time on your site and engage with your content through comments or social media.

    用户体验有助于提高读者参与度。 如果您的读者发现您的博客易于使用且阅读愉快,他们就更有可能在您的网站上花费更多时间并通过评论或社交媒体与您的内容互动。

  • User experience can help drive traffic to your blog. If your blog is easy to use and provides valuable content, it is more likely to be shared and recommended by your readers, which can help increase your traffic and reach.

    用户体验可以帮助增加博客的访问量。 如果您的博客易于使用并提供有价值的内容,它就更有可能被读者分享和推荐,这有助于增加您的访问量和覆盖面。

Although I am the one who mainly reviews the article, what ChatGPT said is not wrong, a good user experience makes people look comfortable.


Next is the specific direction to be improved in the future :


  • Faster

    Everyone Wants Pages to Load Faster. This means that I need to further reduce and optimize Scripts and Stylesheets, while reducing third-party services and allowing more parts of the website files to be transferred from CDN.

    每个人都希望页面加载速度更快。 这意味着我需要进一步减少和优化 Scripts 和 Stylesheets,同时减少第三方服务并允许更多部分的网站文件从 CDN 传输。

  • Clearer

    Optimize the design of the website, minimize unnecessary design of the website, and let readers focus on the content of the article. Reduce the number of pages that have nothing to do with the website sharing itself, and reduce the complexity of the website structure.

    优化网站设计,尽量减少网站不必要的设计,让读者专注于文章内容。 减少与网站分享本身无关的页面数量,降低网站结构的复杂度。

  • More Stable

    The accessibility of the website has always been the focus of my attention. Although the stability of the website is not particularly good due to the use of single-board computers and intranet penetration, it is indeed improving. After all, this is still a test blog. At the same time, I also have Vercel as a mirror site for visitors from other regions.

    网站的可访问性一直是我关注的重点。 虽然由于使用单板机和内网穿透,网站的稳定性不是特别好,但确实在进步。 毕竟这还是一个测试博客。 同时,我也有 Vercel 作为其他地区访问者的镜像站点。

  • Multilingual Support

    A multilingual website can improve reader’s experience by making it easier for them to understand and navigate. At present, some articles already contain English and Chinese version.



Closing with a quote from Shakespeare :

Praising what is lost makes the remembrance dear.