Note: This method does not apply to eBooks purchased by others or other non-self-purchased sources. And it is not Recommended.

Note: This method is base on MacOS Ventura

Note: Method is for Learning and Communication purposes only.

What is DRM

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a broad range of technologies and methods used to make sure that whoever is using a digital product has the right and permission to do it. (Source: How to Geek)

Why DeDRM Your E-Books

When you borrow a book from your buddies, what will you do? Just ask them for the book. But if you want to borrow an electronic book, it is practically impossible. Amazon adds DRM to the AZW or AZW3 format e-book files it offers to protect the copyright of e-books. As a corollary, even if non-purchasers access these e-book files, they cannot be utilized directly on other readers or reading devices. At the same time, according to CNBC, Amazon will shut down the Kindle store in China. What about their E-Books after June 30, 2024? They can’t even download their books and read them on other devices. That’s why we need to DeDRM the books.



Download DRM-protected books

  1. Log in here: Amazon
  2. Select More actions
  3. Select Download via computer USB transfer and download


Find your Kindle serial number

  1. Log in here: Amazon
  2. Select your Kindle and save your Kindle serial number at the same time


  1. Download the Calibre

  2. Download and extract plugin Github

  3. Open Calibre

  4. Find Preference

  5. Find the plugin in the advanced options

  6. Select Load plugin in file

  7. Select and load and apply

  8. Restart the software

  9. Re-enter the plugin location

  10. Double-click to open the plugin

  11. Select the first Kindle elink ebooks

  12. Enter your Kindle serial number

  13. App Settings

  14. Drag the book directly to complete DeDRM