Google’s latest feature, Google SGE (Search Generative Experience), utilizes generative AI technology to streamline your online search experience. This innovative AI 🧠 is capable of generating new content, such as summaries, code, and more, by learning from existing data.

Google SGE offers quick, AI-aided overviews, coding tips across various languages 📚, and a novel “Add to Sheets” feature allowing users to insert search results directly into spreadsheets 📈.


  • SGE (Search Generative Experience):
    This brings the power of generative AI directly into Google Search. The new Search experience helps you quickly find and make sense of information. As you search, you can get the gist of a topic with AI-powered overviews, pointers to explore more, and ways to naturally follow up.

  • Code Tips:
    This harnesses the power of large language models to provide pointers for writing code faster and smarter. You can ask how-to-questions related to a specific set of programming languages, tools, and algorithms.

  • Add to Sheets:
    This helps you insert a search result directly into a spreadsheet and share with friends. It’s your perfect research companion for planning a trip and adding info to your itinerary, or keeping track of other information you’ve found on Search.


How to Use Google SGE? 💡

Google SGE is currently in a preview mode, accessible to users who sign up for Search Labs. Once you get access, just type or speak your question into the search bar to receive an AI-generated response.

Search Lab

Comparing Google SGE with Bing and Baidu 💡

Microsoft’s Bing and China’s Baidu are globally recognized search engines, both integrating AI and machine learning capabilities to enhance search results. Yet, they are not as advanced or comprehensive as Google SGE.

Microsoft’s “New Bing” is a refreshed version of the classic Bing, now with an OpenAI model to generate responses. Similarly, Baidu uses deep learning and natural language processing to deliver relevant results. While both platforms boast impressive features, they still fall short of Google SGE’s versatility and user-friendliness 👍.

Unlike Bing and Baidu, which are limited by domains or languages, Google SGE can tackle any type of question or query. Furthermore, Google SGE offers complete answers with summaries and sources, while Bing and Baidu provide only links or snippets. Google SGE can also engage in a chat, remembering the context from question to question.


Conclusion 🏁

Google SGE revolutionizes the search experience with generative AI, making it more efficient and enjoyable. When compared to Bing and Baidu, Google SGE has the edge in speed, accuracy, and variety.

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