MATLAB 2022A is the X64 Version

MATLAB R2022a native Apple Silicon platform open beta is an early version of MATLAB, which is suitable for Apple Silicon Mac users to evaluate the execution of existing codes and applications, and test third-party integration and add-ons. This beta will last until August 31st, 2022.


  • Only Include MATLAB itself
  • Add-on Explorer is not available. Add-ons can still be installed manually
  • Package function is not supported
  • Need install JRE

Official Guide Link:

Download and Install MATLAB R2022a Native Apple Silicon Platform Open Beta

Download Azul Zulu® OpenJDK 8

The beta includes a beta license. Activation is not required.

Uninstall MATLAB from macOS Systems:

  1. Exit MATLAB.
  2. Navigate to your MATLAB installation folder. For example, the installation folder might be named in your Applications folder.
  3. Go to Application Support(Go to your library Folder and click Command+J)And Remove MATLAB
  4. Drag your MATLAB installation folder to the trash, and then select Empty Trash from the Finder menu.

Uninstall Azul Zulu on macOS

To uninstall a specific version of Azul Zulu using a terminal:

  1. Launch Terminal.

  2. Navigate to the JavaVirtualMachines directory:

cd /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/
  1. Display the list of directories:
% ls -1

Each directory corresponds to a version of Azul Zulu.

  1. To uninstall a specific version of Azul Zulu, use the following command:
sudo rm -rf <zulu_directory>

For example, to uninstall Azul Zulu 11 JDK, run:

sudo rm -rf zulu-11.jdk

Source: Uninstall Azul Zulu on macOS

Tips: You can also use software to remove software like AppCleaner, Uninstall PKG or App Uninstaller & Cleaner



Article: see all Azul Zulu versions installed on,You may be asked to provide your password